Registration continues until 10.2.

Registration continues until 10.2.

Registration for the NouHätä! campaign continues for a week until 10.2. Registration continues so that every school that wants to participate may do so. Up to this point XXX schools all over Finland have registered.

Schools registered for the campaign will be invited to the digital qualifying competition. The qualifying competition begins 27.2. and ends 17.3.


Information session about the competitions for schools

An information session for schools about the competition will be organized 15.2. at 14.00. The event will briefly review this springs competition. Participants also have a chance to ask question at the event.

You can register for the information session until 15.2. at 12.00. The event will be held only in Finnish.

Register for the information session.

Preparedness for incidents the theme of this year’s NouHätä campaign

Preparedness for incidents the theme of this year’s NouHätä campaign

This school year, in addition to preventing accidents and what to do in the event of one, the NouHätä! campaign highlights the importance of being prepared in case of incidents and sheltering indoors. The new teaching materials support this year’s themes. Social media influencers popular among middle schoolers are taking up the challenge of having their electricity cut off for an extended period of time.

Over the past year, issues related to preparedness have been in the news and public discourse more frequently than in decades. With the pandemic and the war in Europe and the resulting possibility of long power outages and other disruptions, people are forced to learn new kind of knowledge and skills. That’s why preparing for incidents has been raised as a theme in the 27th NouHätä! campaign.

Preparedness skills are also important for school-age children who may spend  much of the day alone or in the company of others their age. It is important that children to know what to do and not to do if the power or water suddenly goes out, for example. There are separate teaching materials on preparedness issues available on the NouHätä website.


New NouHätä! teaching materials

NouHätä’s teaching materials have been updated and published on the website. The material consists of four lessons. The new content deals with incidents that disrupt normal living and sheltering indoors. The background to the updated material is a recommendation that households should be prepared to survive for 72 hours in the event of an that incident that disrupts the normal functioning of society.

The other lessons deal with fire prevention, what to do in the event of fire, and accidents and injuries.

The NouHätä! campaign meets the requirements of the core curriculum for comprehensive schools. The materials have been prepared as a collaboration by teaching and safety professionals. The materials can be freely used by teachers and instructors and customised according to need.

Check out the new teaching materials!


The campaign’s social media influencers took up the 72hrs Challenge

How will social media influencers popular among school-age children get by without electricity? The theme of the season is strongly in focus on NouHätä’s social media channels on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. The campaign’s message is promoted this year by three social media influencers: Frozen Banana, Khaled Azizi and Veetu. The influencers responded to the campaign’s 72hrs preparedness challenge each in their own way.

Signups for NouHätä are open until 3 February 2023. Sign up your school today!

Customised PP packages

Teaching slides

NouHätä! teaching is divided into four lessons. A lesson plan has been prepared to support each lesson, where you can find instructions for going through the lessons.

The Preventing fires and What to do in case of fire lessons contain instructions and information about different fires, how to act in them, and the best practices for fire prevention.

The Accidents and incidents lesson contains information about the most common accidents that happen to young people, emergency first aid instructions, and other instructions for acting in accidents.

The Incidents and sheltering indoors lesson contain 72 hours concept-based advice on preparing for incidents such as power outage and instructions on how to shelter indoors.

Preventing fires

Nuoli vasemmalla / takaisin

Teachers and trainers

Teaching materials

Teaching materials

Information about teaching materials

Here, you can find NouHätä! campaign’s ready-made teaching slides, lesson plans, videos, and other materials to support your teaching. The lesson contents are designed specifically for secondary school students. You can customize the materials to fit your way of teaching.

Teaching materials

Lesson plans

Coming soon

Additional materials to support teaching

NouHätä! 2023 campaign has started

NouHätä! 2023 campaign has started

NouHätä! campaign has supported schools in teaching of rescue skills for over a quarter of century. In this time about 850 000 eighth graders have received safety education by the campaign. Registration for this school years NouHätä! campaign has opened and will continue until 3.2.2023.

Preparedness for disruptions such as extended power outages will be brought up even more in this school years campaign. Even now there are versatile teaching materials on the campaign’s webpage. During the autumn the materials will be updated with new lessons that will include the preparedness theme more extensively.

The NouHätä! campaign year will culminate on the spring semester to the national rescue skills competition. This year the preliminary competition will be held online. After that the regional competition will be held in each welfare area in traditional way with theory and action tasks. The best team from each area will go to the final held in Kuopio.

Registration to NouHätä! is busy and already more than 150 schools have participated. Registration is open until 3.2.2023.

Register your school now.

NouHätä! competitions in 2022

NouHätä! competitions in 2022

In 2022, NouHätä! competitions will be held partly online and partly as live events. The qualifying round will take place online, while regional finals and the grand final will be held traditionally as live events. The competition will be held in teams. Schools that have signed up for the competition will be sent detailed instructions on how to participate.

Based on previous experiences and survey results, the online competition format has been received well. The online competition is also easier to take part in. Last year, the online qualifying round attracted more than 6,200 participants, which is twice that of qualifying rounds in previous years.

This year, after the online qualifying round, regional finals to determine the best team in each rescue district will be held traditionally as live events. In the grand final, the best teams from each rescue district compete for the NouHätä Finnish championship at the Emergency Services Academy in Kuopio.

All stages of the competition will be held in teams of three. In the qualifying round, the number of teams allowed from each school is not limited. In later stages, the number of participating teams is limited by municipality or district.

Instructions for the online qualifying round will be sent to participating schools after the end of the sign-up period. For more information on how the regional finals will be held, contact your local rescue department.

NouHätä! competitions are organised according to COVID safety guidelines.


NouHätä! 2022 competition schedules

Qualifying round 28 February to 18 March 2022
Regional finals 7 April 2022
Grand final 28 April 2022

Signups to the competition are open. Sign up your school now!

Congratulations to the winners of the NouHätä! digital competition!

Congratulations to the winners of the NouHätä! digital competition!

The NouHätä! campaign has been wrapped up for this season, and the winners of the digital competition have been determined!

  1. Place: Myllytullin koulu, Grodor, Oulu-Koillismaa
  2. Place: Gananderin koulu, Ihameedium, Jokilaaksot
  3. Place: Sysmän Yhteiskoulu, Tilitantit, Päijät-Häme

The winners got their accolades in the FinaaliLIVE broadcast on 20 May. If you missed the fun, the finals broadcast is still available for viewing on NouHätä’s Youtube channel:

Our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful season to the teachers, students and everyone else involved in the campaign! Last year’s NouHätä! Poikkeustilanne digital finals launched this amazing success story in digital competition. Another chapter in the story was written this year, when the entire NouHätä! campaign was implemented digitally. A total of 525 schools participated in the campaign and a staggering 2,086 teams finished in the digital competition!

Now is the time to enjoy the summer and look to the future, as the campaign gears up for another round next autumn!

It could be a good idea to get a head start on fire safety in the summer holidays, as all of the study materials are available on our website and Youtube channel. And don’t forget to follow our social media channels!




Enjoy the sun and stay safe, see you in the autumn!

Finalists for 2021 decided!

Finalists for 2021 decided!

The qualifiers are now over – a big thank you to all the teams who took part. This year’s digital qualifiers for the NouHätä! competition were a success, with a record 2086 teams participating! The best 22 teams made it to the national final, one from each rescue district. Congratulations to the finalists!

It was a joy to see the enthusiasm of all the teams participating in the competition. Every single team can take pride in themselves for brilliantly solving the demanding challenges. It’s great to see that Finland is full of well-informed and talented eighth graders.

The winning team will be determined in the highly competitive final round on May 20. The best way to catch all the action is by following NouHätä! social media channels. Come cheer on the teams and see who will be crowned winner!

Schools competing in the final:

Rescue Department School Municipality
Etelä-Karjala Kirjolan koulu Parikkala
Etelä-Pohjanmaa Kauhavan yhtenäiskoulu Kauhava
Etelä-Savo Mertalan koulu Savonlinna
Helsinki Taivallahden peruskoulu Helsinki
Itä-Uusimaa Harjurinteen koulu Loviisa
Jokilaaksot Gananderin koulu Siikalatva
Kainuu Tenetin koulu Sotkamo
Kanta-Häme Tervakosken yhteiskoulu Tervakoski
Keski-Pohjanmaa ja Pietarsaari Vetelin keskuskoulu Veteli
Keski-Suomi Kuuhankaveden koulu Hankasalmi
Keski-Uusimaa Hyökkälän koulu Tuusula
Kymenlaakso Kotkansaaren koulu Kotka
Lappi Hepolan koulu Kemi
Länsi-Uusimaa Nummen Yhtenäiskoulu Lohja
Oulu-Koillismaa Myllytullin koulu Oulu
Pirkanmaa Harjuniityn koulu Nokia
Pohjanmaa Kristiinanseudun koulu Kristiinankaupunki
Pohjois-Karjala Kirkkokadunkoulu Nurmes
Pohjois-Savo Kivelän koulu Leppävirta
Päijät-Häme Sysmän yhtenäiskoulu Sysmä
Satakunta Keskustan Yläkoulu Harjavalta
Varsinais-Suomi Hermannin koulu Salo



The NouHätä! competition will be held online this year. The schedule of the two-stage online competition has changed. The qualifiers will be held between 12 and 23 April, and the finals will take place on Thursday 20 May.

The online competition is open to Year 8 pupils in teams of three. All schools that have registered to participate the campaign will be invited to the qualifiers. The best teams in the rescue areas, or a total of 22 teams, will make it to the finals. The qualifying teams will be invited to the finals separately.

The tasks in the competition will be based on the learning materials provided as part of the NouHätä! campaign, but some tasks will also test the teams’ general knowledge. Instructions on how to participate in the competition and login credentials will be sent directly to participating schools roughly a week before the competition starts.

Online qualifiers in brief

  • The qualifiers platform is open between 12 and 23 April 2021
  • During this time, teams can participate in the qualifiers on any day regardless of the time
  • Teams must complete the assigned task in 60 minutes
  • The competition is open to teams of three pupils
  • Each team can attempt to complete the assigned task once
  • The number of teams per school is not limited
  • We recommend allowing the teams to participate in the competition during the school day, and possibly under supervision
  • Teachers will be sent the instructions and login credentials for the competition
  • Teams will need access to a computer and a mouse to participate in the competition
  • The best team from each rescue area will be invited to the digital finals, which will be held on 20 May

Best of luck to all participating teams!

A message about the online competition has been sent to all participating schools. The message has been sent through a mailing list system, so it may have ended up in your spam folder. To make sure you receive all communications about the competition, please check your spam folder and whitelist the sender

NH! ALL-STARS – Highlights from past seasons

NH! ALL-STARS – Highlights from past seasons

Over the past 25 years, the NouHätä! campaign has featured many familiar faces, influencers, Youtubers and Instagram celebrities. These superstars have helped us spread important information about safety to school communities across Finland.

This jubilee year, we want to highlight our roster of NouHätä! stars, past and present, in our NH! All-Stars series!

So stay tuned and remember to follow the NouHätä! campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some highlights from the past 25 years:

More influencer and tutorial videos are available on NouHätä’s YouTube channel. See you there!