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The NouHätä! campaign is a national rescue and fire safety skill campaign for secondary school students. The campaign provides young people with the ability to anticipate and prevent hazards as well as the skills required to act correctly in case of an accident.

There is electronic teaching material for safety education to which the teacher will get access via the teaching material bank. The school can implement the teaching itself or ask for help from the rescue service.

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NouHätä! competition days are really nice, different work and school days, where you can practice in situations that feel authentic and of course to get to know the fire station and its operations at the same time.

Tanja Uusitalo, communication designer, Rescue Services of Southwest Finland

Information about teaching materials

Here, you can find NouHätä! campaign’s ready-made teaching slides, lesson plans, videos, and other materials to support your teaching. The lesson contents are designed specifically for secondary school students. You can customize the materials to fit your way of teaching.

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