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About the NouHätä!-campaign

You can prevent many accidents on your own if you spot the danger and know how to improve safety. But do you know what to do and how to help in case of an accident?

The NouHätä! campaign is a national rescue and fire safety skill campaign for secondary school students. The campaign improves young people’s ability to anticipate and prevent hazardous situations. The campaign teaches young people what to do in case of an accident. The NouHätä! campaign reaches approximately 40,000 young people around Finland each year.

There is electronic teaching material for safety education to which the teacher will get access via the teaching material bank. Schools may implement the lessons themselves or ask for assistance from the fire and rescue department.

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The NouHätä! campaign teaches you:

  • To identify accident and fire hazards
  • To prevent accidents
  • The most common causes of a fire and how to improve fire safety in your home
  • The dangers of playing with fire and the responsibilities of the person who starts one
  • Everyone’s duty to help in case of an emergency
  • The first steps in case of a fire, traffic accident, accident, illness or other emergency
  • Emergency number 112
  • Basic first aid skills
  • Nipping a fire in the bud
  • General warning signs and preparing for an emergency


  1. Following a minimum of one hour of safety training, year 8 students can form teams of three and take part in the NouHätä! competition.
  2. The qualification competition will be held no later than March.
  3. The regional competition will be held in early April.
  4. The 22 winning teams of the regional competitions will be invited to the final held at Emergency Services Institute in Kuopio.
  5. All teams will get awarded in the final. The winners will also receive a EUR 2,000 safety reward. In addition to that, the top teams will receive personal rewards.

What do you need to know in the competition?

The competition includes both theoretical and practical assignments. As a rule, they are based on the electronic NouHätä! student materials in the teaching material bank, other learning materials on the website as well as the NouHätä! lessons. There may also be questions or tasks covering the basic safety skills of every citizen. There may also be surprise tasks.

Success in the competition depends on knowledge, skills and teamwork. Manual skills, quick thinking and common sense will give you an edge. Sometimes, success and winning may also be down to good luck.

You will do well in the competition if you can spot hazards and improve your safety as well as the safety of others. What’s more, you will need to know what to do in case of an emergency.

How to join the competition?

All registered schools are invited to participate in the competition. Information about the digital competitions will be sent directly to registered schools. Fire and rescue service will instruct schools in participating in the other competition stages.

Campaign and competition schedule in 2024

Registration in September–February

  • Registration: 11 September 2023–2 February 2024
  • The teaching materials are available throughout the year

If your school only takes part in the NouHätä! campaign

  • You can study at your own pace
  • Versatile NouHätä! materials for both teachers and students support studying
  • Teacher may ask for assistance from the fire and rescue department
  • It is also possible to use BFireSafe@School material when teaching or studying. The material of BFireSafe@School project can be found at:

If your school takes part in the NouHätä! competition

  • Information about the digital competitions will be sent directly to registered schools
  • The organizer of the regional competition invites the preliminary qualifiers to the regional competition
  • Teacher can agree on the preparation for the competition with the fire and rescue service
  • The studies must be completed by the qualification

NouHätä! digital competitions 2024

  • Digital qualifying competition 12.2.-1.3.2024.
  • Regional competition on Thursday 4.4.2024.
  • Final on Thursday 25.4.2024.

NouHätä! competition awards 2024

The winners will receive a gift check of 2,000 euros and a rotation prize, NouHätä! gold helmet. The members of the three best teams will also be awarded with personal merchandise prizes.

Campaign organisers

NouHätä! campaign is organized by rescue departments and the Finnish National Rescue Association in co-operation with the Ministry of the Interior, Finnish National Agency for Education, Emergency Services Academy Finland, regional rescue associations, the Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs and The Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland. The campaign is funded by the Fire Protection Fund.


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