The NouHätä! competition will be held online this year. The schedule of the two-stage online competition has changed. The qualifiers will be held between 12 and 23 April, and the finals will take place on Thursday 20 May.

The online competition is open to Year 8 pupils in teams of three. All schools that have registered to participate the campaign will be invited to the qualifiers. The best teams in the rescue areas, or a total of 22 teams, will make it to the finals. The qualifying teams will be invited to the finals separately.

The tasks in the competition will be based on the learning materials provided as part of the NouHätä! campaign, but some tasks will also test the teams’ general knowledge. Instructions on how to participate in the competition and login credentials will be sent directly to participating schools roughly a week before the competition starts.

Online qualifiers in brief

  • The qualifiers platform is open between 12 and 23 April 2021
  • During this time, teams can participate in the qualifiers on any day regardless of the time
  • Teams must complete the assigned task in 60 minutes
  • The competition is open to teams of three pupils
  • Each team can attempt to complete the assigned task once
  • The number of teams per school is not limited
  • We recommend allowing the teams to participate in the competition during the school day, and possibly under supervision
  • Teachers will be sent the instructions and login credentials for the competition
  • Teams will need access to a computer and a mouse to participate in the competition
  • The best team from each rescue area will be invited to the digital finals, which will be held on 20 May

Best of luck to all participating teams!

A message about the online competition has been sent to all participating schools. The message has been sent through a mailing list system, so it may have ended up in your spam folder. To make sure you receive all communications about the competition, please check your spam folder and whitelist the sender