Congratulations to the winners of the NouHätä! digital competition!
Riskienhallintapäällikkö Mikko Puolitaival esittelee voittajien palkintokypärää.


The NouHätä! campaign has been wrapped up for this season, and the winners of the digital competition have been determined!

  1. Place: Myllytullin koulu, Grodor, Oulu-Koillismaa
  2. Place: Gananderin koulu, Ihameedium, Jokilaaksot
  3. Place: Sysmän Yhteiskoulu, Tilitantit, Päijät-Häme

The winners got their accolades in the FinaaliLIVE broadcast on 20 May. If you missed the fun, the finals broadcast is still available for viewing on NouHätä’s Youtube channel:

Our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful season to the teachers, students and everyone else involved in the campaign! Last year’s NouHätä! Poikkeustilanne digital finals launched this amazing success story in digital competition. Another chapter in the story was written this year, when the entire NouHätä! campaign was implemented digitally. A total of 525 schools participated in the campaign and a staggering 2,086 teams finished in the digital competition!

Now is the time to enjoy the summer and look to the future, as the campaign gears up for another round next autumn!

It could be a good idea to get a head start on fire safety in the summer holidays, as all of the study materials are available on our website and Youtube channel. And don’t forget to follow our social media channels!




Enjoy the sun and stay safe, see you in the autumn!